Wednesday, November 30, 2016


EDpuzzle allows you to customize a video by editing, cropping, recording audio, and adding questions. This helps create a more engaging lesson or presentation that keeps the viewer involved. Their are tons of different channels that are filled with videos such as YouTube, TED Talks, Khan Academy, and many more. It allows you to search a topic and then brings up all the videos for that topic. After you choose a video, you click "use it" which allows you edit the video however you think is best. Once you are done getting your video just right, you can share it with others. Not only can you make your own video lesson, but also, you can use videos someone else has already made.

This sounds easy enough right?? EDpuzzle is great for adding extra information to a video that students are watching. For instance, their is a great video talking about the rainforest but it doesn't mention layers of the rainforest enough, so you can add in more information through text, an image, a website, or audio. Another great feature is the questions because it pushes students' thinking and makes sure they are paying attention. Their are both, open ended and multiple choice questions. This helps enhance students critical thinking skills.

Flipped classroom and EDpuzzle? Sounds like a perfect match to me! Teachers have the ability to create more meaningful lectures for their students to watch at home now with the use of EDpuzzle. Throughout the video, teachers can add questions to get the students to think critically which will help with class discussion the following day. Multiple choice questions are a great way to see how well students understand and retain the information from the video. Before class, teachers can now review your students understanding by checking how they did on the questions throughout the video. This allows you to come prepared to class to help with what students are not understanding.

Not just teachers get to have all the fun using EDpuzzle. Students can also use EDpuzzle to create their own video lessons. This will enhance student centered learning because they get to complete the task in ways that enhance their learning. Then, they can share their video with other classes. They could even share them globally!!

What a neat tool!!!!

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