Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Now that technology is an active part of learning there are many amazing tools that teacher can use in their classroom. One tool that I personally love is Kahoot. This free learning platform is game-based and excellent for classrooms. It is one way to gamify your classroom that students will love. Teachers can create their own quiz, survey, or discussion or they can use one of the Kahoots already made. Kahoot allows you to create questions and answers and also add images and video.

Once the Kahoot game is created or chosen, you will launch the game to your students who will then enter the pin and a nickname at Kahoot.it. As the teacher, you will display the game on a common screen of your choice that all the students can see. Every student will play the game on their own device. This could be a laptop/desktop, phone, i pod, tablet, or anything that has a browser and connects to the internet. What an excellent tool for a one to one learning environment don't you think?

The questions will come up with different option and the students will select the shape and color of the correct answer. Students gain points by answer quickly and correctly. This creates an exciting game for reviewing material. I know when I have seen Kahoot implemented in the classroom students were thrilled to play! All students were actively engaged and it was a more interesting way of learning. Kahoot is a way embrace students' love for competition and technology.

One awesome feature that allows you to expand the learning of your students, is that it can even be played with students around the world.

As an educator it is important to ask yourself a few questions before creating a Kahoot.
  • What do you hope the results will be?
  • How do your students learn?
  • Are you allowing time for discussion between each question?
  • What is the overall goal of this activity?
This game can be really fun and valuable for your students, but only if it is used effectively.

Here are some useful ways to use Kahoot:

1. Review for a test

2. Asses students understanding

3. Way to wrap up class

4. Way to warm up class

5. Introduce a new topic

Below is a YouTube video sharing an example of students playing Kahoot in their classroom.

In the future, I will utilize Kahoot in my classroom for a variety of subjects. It helps improve students learning in a fun and positive way. I suggest that all educators try to use Kahoot in their classroom to increase students excitement for learning.

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