Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype is a guessing game students all around the world can play. It helps students learn about geography, culture, and the similarities and differences of children lives around the world. Not only does it teach students Social Studies material, but it also allows students to use higher order thinking skills, such as, critical thinking. What an exciting and fun way to learn!

Students have to ask yes or no questions to another class they are Skyping to try and guess their location before they guess yours. It takes about 45-60 minutes to play this interactive game. This is a fantastic way for students to practice important skills and learn about other places around the world without actually physically being there. Students are challenging their problem solving skills when they receive a no to one of their questions and have to come up with a new question. They ask questions until they can piece together the location of the opposing class. Additionally, students will be using different resources to narrow down their search, for instance, a map. The students will also be practicing their collaboration skills as they work together to find the answer. 

Neat, huh?! Mystery Skype is an enriching opportunity for your students to build multiple higher order thinking skills and expand their knowledge of other areas in the world. This way of learning is fun and doesn't exactly feel like learning to the students. Personally, I will be using Mystery Skype in my classroom to increase my students' learning in a fun, yet enriching way. 

Mr. Solarz is another educator who has provided detailed instructions on using Mystery Skype. Visit his website to learn more!

Image: by Mark Thomas

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