Wednesday, November 23, 2016

QR Codes

A QR Code consists of black and white squares that are read by a camera to reach the information they are storing. Both children and teachers can use them in their classroom to enhance the learning environment. QR Stuff is a website that allows you to create your own QR Codes and has multiple data types available. In order to create a QR Code you go to this site and paste the Website URL then it generates your QR Code. It allows you to pick the color of your QR Code. Lastly you download the QR Code which allows you to print it or you can impend it into different technology based resources. Simple enough!?

So how can you allow students to use QR Codes??? Students can create their own QR Code leading others to a project or another resource. This gives them power to use a new form of technology and explore their creativity in using them. For instance, students could work in a group and create a video presentation which they put in a QR Code. They can then take this QR Code and place it on a poster for other to scan and then watch their presentation. In order to read QR Codes on your choice of technology you must download a QR Code  reader like i-nigma.

Teachers have unlimited options to use QR Codes in their classroom. Teachers can create a QR Codes that read books to their students, which is great for younger students. Scavenger hunts and timelines are a few exciting activities for the students to do involving QR Codes. All the students would do is take their device and scan the QR Code and follow the directions from their. To easily take your students to different websites and videos, just create a QR Code and project it at the front of the room.

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